Existing Directors
Bevan Tarratt (Non-Executive Chairman)
Petar Tomasevic (Non-Executive Director)
Robert Brierley (Non-Executive Director) (proposed to become an Executive Director from Completion)
Jian-Hua Sang (Non-Executive Director) (proposed to resign from Completion)
Edmond Yao (Non-Executive Director) (proposed to resign from Completion)

Existing Company Secretary
Matt Foy

Proposed Director
Garry Plowright (Executive Director)

Registered Office
Ground Floor, Unit 5
1 Centro Avenue
Subiaco WA 6008

Investigating Accountant
BDO Corporate Finance (WA) Pty Ltd
38 Station Street
Subiaco WA 6008 

Independent Geologist
CSA Global Pty Ltd
Level 2
3 Ord Street
West Perth WA 6005


Grant Thornton Audit Pty Ltd
Central Park, Level 43
152-158 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000

GTP Legal
68 Aberdeen Street
Northbridge WA 6003

Lead Manager and Corporate Adviser
CPS Capital Group Pty Ltd
Level 45
108 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000 

Share Registry*
Automic Pty Ltd
Suite 310, 50 Holt Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Company Website


ASX Code
Current: EMG
Proposed: FEX

* This entity is included for information purposes only and has not been involved in the preparation of this Prospectus.

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